The Awards

Give your business a boost with a CASH award!

Competing for a Business Boost Award is a great way to differentiate your business. Not only will you gain recognition for wanting to be a success in business, you will also have the opportunity to win a CASH award to help you realise those ambitious plans.

Reaching the finals is a great achievement to be celebrated! Business Boost finalists and winners get a real opportunity to generate positive publicity, demonstrating to their staff, clients and suppliers that their business is indeed exceptional!

Business Boost Awards 2019 Categories

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

First Prize £1500
Sponsored by
My Clever Hub

The word ‘entrepreneur’ can mean different things to different people but to do well in this category you need to show how, to use Richard Branson’s words, you ‘disrupt the order of things’ . The following are a few examples of entrepreneurialism but don’t be bound by them! Have you had to take any big risks to start your business; have you identified a unique gap in the market; do you provide innovative goods or services; have you grown your business significantly in a short time; are you taking your company or markets in a new direction; etc?

Going for Growth Award

First Prize £1500
Sponsored by
JSW Insurance

To do well in this category you will need to demonstrate how you are planning to take your business to the next level. Are you planning to take on your first employee, move to larger premises, introduce a new product or service …or anything else that shows you are moving onwards and upwards? Then you should be thinking about entering this category! What we are looking for are signs that you have ambitions to grow your business, but may need that little extra help that a Business Boost cash award could give you.

Flying Solo Award

First Prize £1500
Sponsored by
Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Growth Hub

This category is specifically aimed at new and/or micro businesses (yourself and up to two other employees) – it doesn’t matter whether you run your business from an office, a workshop or your back bedroom. Maybe you are an infant or toddler business with great ideas that you haven’t quite formed into commercially sound concepts?  Or are you a business on the brink of success but needing a boost to realise your dream?  To do well in this category you need to tell us how you are overcoming the problems faced by new or micro-businesses and how you plan to keep momentum going in the future.

BID Futureboost Award

First Prize £1500
Sponsored by

To do well in this category, you need to demonstrate how your business plans to make an active contribution to the economic and/or community life of Newcastle town centre and help to deliver the BID business plan! Tell us how your business will be raising the profile of the town as a great place to do business or to visit, e.g. when you promote your business, will you be promoting the town as a great place to do business or to visit? How will you differentiate your business from your competitors and help create a distinctive Newcastle-under-Lyme experience? How will your growth, development and investment complement and build on the strengths of Newcastle-under-Lyme? Consider your promotional activity, excellent customer service, innovative products or services, community focus, etc.

Further prizes to be awarded

Apprenticeship Award

Sponsored by

Realise Charity
Placement value: £500

This year, partly-funded apprenticeship awards will be offered as prizes. Each will be 12-months day-release apprenticeship placement with part of the associated costs paid for by Realise Foundation including recruitment, training and apprenticeship allowance – up to a maximum of £500.

The Philip Astley Award

A discretionary award presented to the most innovative business that fires the imagination.

Additional Awards

One year’s membership of the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce
and a stand at Let’s Do Business.

Sponsored by

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce


Radio Advertising Package
courtesy of The HitMix 107.5FM